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Our primary focus in marketing is within the sports and recreation sector however appointments are diverse within this $800 billion per annum marketplace.

Some of our clients and appointments are:

Soccer 5 USA

Soccer 5 is a very successful owner operated business which expanded in 3 locations with further opportunities in the pipeline. The team decided to expand into franchising which involved an in depth analysis of the small sided soccer market over a 6 month period. The outcome to date includes the construction of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and Territory Franchise Agreement (TFA) and Operations Manual and Soccer 5 is targeted to grow to over 50 owner operated and franchisee operated Centers over the next 5 years.

Soccer 5 USA

My Action Replay

My Action Replay is owned and powered by Sports fans. Tech fans. That's what they are. A team who love playing sport and playing with technology, a UK business wishing to expand into the US, so we created a US marketing and distribution plan in partnership with them, designed to inspire people to make more of the sport they love, and will deliver advanced and exciting facilities to the venues that use it.

My Action replay

Miami Dade Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces (MPROS)

We've worked to develop Public Private Partnerships with MDPROS to re-energize little used or undeveloped spaces to create sports and recreation spaces and events which capture the imagination and participation of the community and meet the desires of the County to deliver additional facilities for its patrons, private investment partnerships to build new spaces, and ongoing revenue generation from facilities.



The Miami Dolphins marketing team in Miami worked seamlessly with Relevant Sports in NY to develop the International Champions Cup (ICC) which has fast become a leading international tournament featuring some of the biggest clubs in the world including Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea and Juventus - our Constructive team was asked to develop local marketing strategies which delivered results and also to create, build and operate pre match final entertainment in small sided soccer for fans and teams to enjoy.

Does your company require a new approach to marketing business in the US or are you considering bringing your UK business products and services to the US? Contact Mhairi Hembree for further information, or 305.904.4485