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What We Do

Everything we do is in soccer, sports and leisure development - from supporting Soccer 5 development to creating real estate and entertainment opportunities in 4 key sectors/disciplines:

Small Sided Soccer

We learned about small sided soccer or '5 a side football' in the UK and moved to the US in 2010 to develop small sided soccer - but what is small sided soccer? Well it is all about Places to Play and Spaces to Learn - small sided fields for small sided games - 5G turf systems withing proprietary fencing/cage systems, to offer state of the art centers for all ages and abilities to play 5 v 5, 6 v 6 or 7 v 7 soccer.

Real Estate Development

It all starts with real estate locations and opportunities to create developments in soccer, sports, leisure and entertainment which achieve client goals in terms of design, development, cost, and return.

Our experience in outdoor design, development and construction management has helped us along the way as we continually learn and innovate.

Consulting and Design

We've amassed huge experience in consulting and design services over the years with a key focus on delivering innovative projects which are professionally designed and achieve agreed budget and delivery parameters and objectives.

Project Management and Supervision

Every project is planned professionally from the outset, from construction design through project planning and on site management and/or supervision.

And we are proud to have been in business in the US since 2009 as a member of the Georgeson Group

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